3 QUESTIONS CHECKIN - Q&A with pupil from Finland

Taimi Vinkki


Anna B Jørgensen




23.05.2024 kl.14:25

Taimi Vinkki from the 6th grade at Iittalan Comprehensive School.

Q1: What is your best memory from a concert or performing art experience?  

My best memory is Kamukemut ("Palparty") -concert here at our school two weeks ago. I was part of the orchestra myself, playing the violin, but I was also organizing the event as a member of our Culture Crew. There were 100 musicians from the local College of Music, both children and adults, and we played Finnish folk songs. The whole school was the audience.  

Q2: What does art mean to you?  

Art means a lot to me, especially music and playing different instruments. Everyone in my family plays something. I also like to draw and I sometimes visit art galleries with my mom. 

Q3: What do you think teachers can do to ensure that pupils have meaningful art experiences?  

The main thing is that there ARE concerts and other events, for everyone to experience. 1-3 bigger concerts per year is ok, but we could also have more student concerts because there are some talented players in our school. It's also important that we students can participate in organazing the events. Doing things together is important and meaningful.