3 QUESTIONS CHECKIN - Q&A with artist from Norway

Charlotte Øster


Anna B Jørgensen




23.05.2024 kl.14:25

Charlotte Øster is a professional storyteller and course holder. She tours in gyms, classrooms or outside in the woods. Her repertoire ranges from fairy tales, stories about tolerance, equality and queer diversity and performances for adults closer to stand-up genre.   The last 12 years she has created different performances about climate changes, for all ages. She loves to hold courses and listen to other people’s stories.  Charlotte is concerned with finding the balance between humor, playfulness, and the seriousness.

Q1: What is the best thing about children and young people as an audience? 

I love the energy and the spontaneous reactions. I like to watch the children/youth coming into the room, talking, laughing and sometimes very noisy. It is always fascinating how we after a very short time are able to connect and land in the same atmosphere/ landscape of the stories that are told. I really like to watch their faces when I tell stories. They are so open, forget themselves and goes quickly into the stories.  

Q2: Which feedback has made the biggest impression on you following a performance for pupils? 

I find it hard to choose one feedback, but a performance I had in the woods with a colleague we often heard great comments while we were walking: “I feel like I`m in The Lord of the Rings”, “Do you think we can do this walk next year with you?” “This is like a fairy tale”.  I also became really happy when the teachers got into the same flow as the children and saw the value in what the children experienced. 

Q3: How can art providers and schools become even better at facilitating the conditions for meaningful art experiences for pupils?  

Sometimes it’s hard to create a room were both the artist and the children/youths can work without interruption. It is central that the school/teacher understand the importance of that contract and the frames we need to our work. Otherwise it’s hard to and build the atmosphere we need to create art and make the magic happen.